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Will you be attending? 🗓️

Will you be attending? 🗓️

Next Wednesday 28th April, take a step back and commemorate lives lost by joining the Workers’ Memorial Day live stream hosted by @WorkSafeQueensland

A dedicated way to send our respects to those who have lost their lives due to Work-Related incidents.

And, a way to reflect on the current state of your workplace.

Is workplace safety your top priority? 🦺 🤔[0]=AZVGwc0VPvxuK9PfLbtuvVwr1RvQ_n-1evwVvOBkA0QsEy1NboZ8CsDbLPdx9Yj9OCco-Cg9SlwW5kl4-RekmhmR9HWnZt0uqJjZ3fUtrq1oU1PxpyMCX1IDRQBjKAPBeH-Rr0h87cINUQ4fWnYEkHb1&__tn__=-UK-R

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