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Why you should consider Outsource Safety for your Health, Safety & Environmental needs…


Outsourcing your Health, Safety and Environmental needs is a realistic and affordable way to achieve a good safety culture within your business, regardless of its size or the industry you are in.

We can allocate a dedicated Health, Safety & Environmental specialist to your business who will develop a close working relationship with your organisation. They will take the time to get to know your business and current culture so that they can determine your requirements and your goals are and the best way to ensure that these requirements are met.

The Benefits of Outsourcing…


  • Reduces the need to keep up to date with complex Occupational Health & Safety Legislation.

  • Eliminates the need to add to your senior staff headcount.

  • Provides continuity of service all year.

  • Allows you to combine and integrate all your HSE services.


Outsource Safety can provide your business with an outsourced solution that suits your needs, industry and budget. Enabling you to focus on your core competencies and your core business.


You will gain a strategic Safety Professional who is committed to your business and the successful implementation of a safety culture.


  • Making your workplace healthier and safer for staff and visitors.

  • Allowing you to manage the HSE function at a senior level.

  • Taking the pressure off other key personnel.

  • Assisting you to comply with all current relevant legislation.

  • Providing flexibility by allowing you to scale up or down.

  • Minimising hazards and risks.

  • Providing a HSE system tailored to your needs.

  • Enhancing safety awareness across your workforce.

  • Improving workplace morale and productivity.

  • Providing up to date information and advice.

  • Reducing injuries.

  • Savings on multiple services with our end to end service offer.

  • Dedicated safety professional appointed to you.

  • Flexibility with on and off site presents & services provided.

  • Admin support and assistance.

  • Advice & support when you need it.

Allow Outsource Safety to help you achieve your business Health, Safety & Environmental goals.


outsource safety CAN BE YOUR health, safety & environmental REPRESENTATIVE.


‘’If you’re a large enough business to care about safety, but too small for a full time Health Safety Environmental staff member, Outsource Safety can help.’’

If your business isn’t large enough to justify the cost of an in-house Health, Safety & Environmental specialist, but you have a commitment to a culture of safety, then we offer a realistic and affordable alternative.


One of our highly experienced team can become your resident Health Safety Environmental consultant. They’ll make sure you meet your statutory obligations under the WHS Act (and associated regulations and codes) and keep you up to date with your compliance requirements.


Whatever issues need to be tackled, your Outsource Safety, Health, Safety & Environmental consultant will use their experience and knowledge to provide practical solutions as if they were part of your in-house team. All issues will be addressed quickly and efficiently, to ensure that your workplace safety requirements are not only met but exceeded. This means that your business can run smoothly with minimal disruption.


Your Outsource Safety, Health Safety & Environmental consultant will assist you in driving a commitment to a safe workplace throughout your organisation through the use of getting involved in your health and safety meetings, workshops and training sessions.


"Please call Outsource Safety for more information and a no obligation appointment today."