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A positive safety culture within your organisation is directly linked to improving your overall safety performance. When ownership of safety takes place, workplace accidents and incidents can be considerably reduced.

We have a number of areas that we can help your organisation including:

  • Conducting a safety climate survey to identify how safety is perceived in your organisation.

  • Facilitating safety workshops to discuss key issues impacting on safety culture & performance within your organisation.

  • Collaboratively developing a plan to enhance your safety culture.


The Outsource Safety Climate Survey is the most appropriate in measuring and compiling valuable information about the current state of the safety culture within organisations.


This allows for the collection of information about patterns and trends of safety critical information, and specific feedback regarding attitudes, behaviours and priorities.


Employees often provide valuable information on this survey, alerting us to best practices that may only be in a local area and also unreported safety incidents and hazards that were surprising to our clients.


Our clients find that using an anonymous survey format enables employees to volunteer information about past incidents and to make suggestions about inconsistencies in procedures, dangerous equipment and other workplace safety issues.


The Outsource Safety Climate Survey report is a critical component of an overall organisational safety strategy.

Our clients use the Outsource Safety Climate Survey as a method of ensuring that every employee has a voice. Soliciting feedback on a standard questionnaire allows an organisation to compare and contrast employee, department and unit viewpoints on a common metric, and an annual benchmark on which to measure organisational progress.


We work closely with our clients to ensure that the process of collecting survey data causes as little operational disruption as possible.

AREAS COVERED: Australia Wide

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