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A documented Occupational Health and Safety Management System helps an organisation to meet its Workplace Health & Safety legal and moral obligations (and to provide a safe and healthy workplace) by providing a clear and consistent approach to managing health and safety in the workplace.


Outsource Safety can assist your organisation by developing a full Safety Management System; or identify gaps in your existing system and tailor solutions to suit. Outsource Safety develops Safety Management Systems in line with relevant standards (AS/NZS 4801, AS/NZS 4804, ISO) and industry best practice.


Our core business at Outsource Safety is developing, implementing, maintaining and auditing management systems for many years. Outsource Safety develop internal systems in consultation with your workers and implement the system by establishing a thorough communication process to ensure that all workers understand and commit to maintaining a safe workplace.


Outsource Safety can conduct audits and site inspections on your organisations current Safety Management system. We can identify gaps in your systems and assist you in implementing suitable and practical controls to fill this gap. This is a great process for those organisations that are formally audited by external parties (e.g. government, clients etc). Outsource Safety can help prepare your organisation for these audits. 


At Outsource Safety we have Consultants who are highly experienced in the development of practical Safety Management Systems and who can make sure you are compliant with all the current safety legislation in your State or Territory.

Key Elements of a Safety Management System


At Outsource Safety we have helped large and small organisations from many different industries develop safety management system that clearly detail:

  • Key Responsibilities

  • Accountability

  • Training requirements

  • Tools (policies, procedures, forms, records and checklists)



  • ​​Money savings due to reduced injuries and injury-related costs

  • Peace of mind that you are compliant to current legislation

  • More efficient and streamlined safety processes

  • Improved employee morale through a culture of safety

  • Legal compliance and the avoidance of penalties, fines or official notices issued.


Safe working procedures, site rules, policies and procedures, are administrative controls that are needed to ensure that all employees and management are aware of their responsibilities and accountability for health, safety and environmental issues.


Outsource Safety can help your business develop and implement Policies, Procedures and supporting documents to help improve yours current safety management system.


We will consult with all staff and key personnel to ascertain workplace needs. A review of the workplace is performed to identify any further areas of risk. 


Once risks are identified, then appropriate levels of control are documented to address these needs. This would be produced as a controlled document allowing for continuous improvement via document control.


Your Duty in Relation to Safety Management Systems


All businesses are required to ensure the health and safety of their workers and workplaces by complying with current legislation. A safety management system is the framework you can use to achieve this and to demonstrate your due diligence to the process.


Let Outsource Safety take the worry and risk out of developing a Safety system that is tailor made for your business.

AREAS COVERED: Australia Wide

Policy & Procedure Development
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