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Do you know the four steps to manage risks?

Do you know the four steps to manage risks?

In a simple view, the four steps to Risk Management are:

⚠ Step 1 - Identify hazards.

⚠ Step 2 - Assess risks.

⚠ Step 3 - Control risks.

⚠ Step 4 - Review control measures.

Risk management is all about maintaining the safety of your workplace, consistently. Reach out to our team today for ways we can assist you!

Services include:

• Incident Investigation

• Fire extinguisher testing

• Test and tag

• Maritime Safety

• Spill Kit Maintenance

• First Aid Kit Audits

• ISO Preparation Set Up

• Risk Management System

• Hazardous Material Managements

• Safe Work Method Statement

• Contractor Management

• Ergonomic Assessment

• Noise Assessments

• Manual Handling

• Traffic Management

• Tender Submission

• Safety Climate Survey

• Safety Auditing

• Site Safety Visits

• Safety Management Systems

Speak to us today about securing the safety of your workplace or organisation today:

📞 1300 776 469



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