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End Of Year Safe Work Practices

It's that time of year again. It's important to remember safe work practices - even during the holiday season.

Tips to ensure a safe and enjoyable Christmas party include:

• choose a venue that is appropriate for planned activities

• remind staff about workplace policies, including your code of conduct, bullying and sexual harassment policies

• review and communicate your social media policy

• serve alcohol responsibly (this includes ensuring no alcohol is served to underage staff, and limiting or denying alcohol to intoxicated staff)

• ensure managers and senior staff members set a good example and model appropriate behaviours

• provide food and non-alcoholic drinks

• set appropriate start and finish times for the function

• choose a venue with access to public transport or facilitate safe transport options for staff who have been drinking (eg cab-charges, or designated drivers who won’t be drinking alcohol)

• consider appointing a responsible person to monitor the event, and to be a point of contact in the event of anything going wrong tis person should be familiar with workplace safety policies and have the authority to act on any issues that arise).

Workplace Health and Safety Queensland

Speak to us about securing the safety of your workplace or organisation today:

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