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Enhance Construction Safety: Working Near Powerlines

⚡️Stay Safe Around Powerlines!

Don't overlook overhead powerlines in your project planning – they can pose safety risks, costs, and delays. Ensure compliance with electrical safety laws before construction kicks off.

⚡️Meeting Clearance Requirements

The Electrical Safety Regulation 2013 outlines specific clearance rules between structures and powerlines based on voltage. If your project falls under these limits, reach out to the electricity entity beforehand.

Follow these steps when working near powerlines:

✅ Devise a safe work plan.

✅ Identify powerline locations.

✅ Assess and manage site-specific risks.

✅ Train workers in safety protocols.

✅ Plan tasks away from exclusion zones.

✅ Avoid storing equipment under powerlines.

✅ Enhance powerline visibility.

✅ Use insulated tools whenever feasible.

✅ Adhere to guidance from the electrical entity.

Let us take the risk out of managing safety.

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