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How to Ensure Safety When Operating a Generator

If you find yourself in the midst of a power outage and are relying on a generator at your place of business, workplace, or home, it's imperative to prioritise safety and minimise risks as much as possible.

⚠ When it comes to portable generators, reserve their use for powering essential equipment, such as refrigerators.

⚠ If you must connect your generator to your residence, ensure that you have enlisted the services of a licensed electrical contractor to install a proper generator change-over switch with the appropriate generator socket.

⚠ Under no circumstances should you attempt to connect your generator to your home using a power point on a power circuit or any other unauthorised connection point. This unlawful and perilous act could energise power lines, posing a serious risk of electric shock to anyone in proximity.

⚠ Additionally, plugging the generator into your house circuit without proper precautions could lead to generator failure, fires, or damage to both the generator and circuits.

⚠ Prioritise the maintenance of all leads used to connect your generator. Ensure that plugs and leads are in impeccable condition, with no damage or exposed wires.

⚠ Exclusively use power boards equipped with overload cutouts for added protection.

⚠ Strategically place leads and power boards to avoid potential mechanical damage (such as tripping or stepping on them), exposure to flooding, or susceptibility to fire (avoid coiled leads and overload).

⚠ Stay vigilant about the risks involved, including the potential for electrocution and poisoning/suffocation from carbon monoxide exhaust gases.

⚠ Operate the generator only outdoors or in a well-ventilated area, ensuring that you do not exceed the generator's load rating and strictly adhering to the manufacturer's instructions.

Let's prioritise safety and responsible generator use during power outages! 🚨

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Generator Safety


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