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Safely Navigating Tree Work 🦺🌳

Tree work, such as trimming and removal, comes with its share of work health and safety concerns.

Stay informed by checking out the recently updated Safe Work Australia's "Guide to managing the risks of tree work."

This updated guide focuses on:

✅ Mitigating fall risks during tree access.

✅ Knowing when an extra safety line is needed for single-rope access systems.

This guide is intended for:

🌿 Arborists

🌿 Tree climbers

🌿 Horticulturists

🌿 Gardeners

🌿 Tree workers

🌿 Landscapers

🌿 Builders

🌿 Developers

🌿 Anyone in the amenity tree industry.

For more details, download the "Guide to managing the risks of tree work."

Get in touch with us today to learn how we can help.

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