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Spill Kit Maintenance service.

🛢Did you know that poor spill control can lead to hazards? Outsource Safety is here to help ensure your business or organisation meets WHS Obligations with our Spill Kit Maintenance service.

Why It Matters:

✅ Improved spill response capabilities

✅ Comprehensive usage records for loss minimisation strategies

✅ Evidence of due diligence and environmental care

✅ Meeting staff training requirements

✅ Gap identification and problem-solving

✅ Immediate component replacement during inspection

What's Included:

✅ Initial spill response capacity audit

✅ Numbered spill kits mapped for easy tracking

✅ Restocking used components at bulk rates

✅ Detailed inspection reports

✅ Tamper-evident audit tags for kits

✅ Training tools for effective spill response

Let us take the risk out of managing safety.

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