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Hazardous Materials Management

☣️ Hazardous Materials Management is a crucial component of your Safety Management Systems. Whether you're involved in the manufacture, supply, storage, use or disposal of hazardous materials - it's essential to have a detailed procedure in place for their safe management.

Protect your employees, the environment, and your business by prioritizing the safe handling of hazardous materials.

Control measures for managing these risks vary widely and can include:

☑️ Eliminate the use of hazardous materials altogether

☑️ Use a less hazardous material

☑️ Suitable containment i.e. ventilation, anti-static and earthing

☑️ Procedures for the management of hazardous materials, handling procedures, permit to work and isolation processes, emergency planning, signage, training and atmospheric testing

☑️ Personal protective equipment including respirators, gloves, goggles and protective clothing

☑️ Bunded controls including spill response equipment, and more.

Outsource Safety can help you ensure your safety obligations are met.

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