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#SafetyTipThursday Preventing Strains and Sprains at Work

#SafetyTipThursday Preventing Strains and Sprains at Work

☑️ Use proper lifting techniques: Bend at the knees, keep the back straight, and lift with the legs.

☑️ Provide mechanical lifting aids for heavy objects.

☑️ Set up ergonomic workstations with adjustable chairs and computer monitors at eye level.

☑️ Encourage stretching and warm-up exercises before physically demanding tasks.

☑️ Wear supportive footwear with good slip resistance.

☑️ Keep work areas clean and free from clutter to prevent trips and falls.

☑️ Provide adequate training on safe work practices and hazard awareness.

☑️ Encourage open reporting of discomfort or early signs of strain.

☑️ Schedule regular breaks for employees engaged in repetitive tasks.

Promote safety and prevent injuries for a productive workforce!

For expert advice, contact Outsource Safety:

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"Let us take the risk out of managing safety."


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